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Notary Stamps


When a document is notarized, it means that a notary public has verified the identify of the signor before he/she signs the document. The notary public will also verify that the signor understands what he/she is signing and is doing so voluntarily. 

There are many documents that require notarization, including but not limited to:

  • travel consent letter for minor children

  • custodianship declarations

  • letter of invitation to visit Canada

  • name change applications

  • passport applications

  • insurance loss declarations

Documents that are to be used outside of the province of British Columbia may need to go through a process called authentication by the Society of Notaries Public and the Ministry of Justice and legalization by the relevant consulate. 

In order for us to verify your identity, we wold need to examine two pieces of ID from you, one of which must be a government issued ID. Usually, passport, driver's licence, services card, permanent residence card are preferred. If you are unsure as to what IDs to bring along, please give us a call before visiting our office.

Certified True Copies

A certified true copy is a copy certified by a notary public that it is an unaltered copy of the original document. If you need a certified true copy, simply visit our office with the original document. We will make the photocopy for you and certify it accordingly.

We take pride in offering professional, personable and efficient notarial service. We can provide notarization and certified true copy services even without an appointment. However, to minimize wait time, you are most welcome to contact us to book an appointment.

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